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1994 Tech Reports
Exponential and Uniform Ergodicity of Markov Processes
D. Down, S. P. Meyn, and R. L. Tweedie
University of Illinois and Colorado State University

Importance Sampling For P-Value Computations in Multivariate Tests
Ronald W. Butler, Colorado State University and
S. Huzurbazar, University of Georgia

Existence and Stability of Continuous Time Threshold ARMA Processes
O. Stramer, R. L. Tweedie, and P. J. Brockwell
Colorado State University

A Survey of Foster-Lyapunov Techniques for General State Space Markov Processes
S.P. Meyn, University of Illinois and
R.L. Tweedie, Colorado State University

Orthogonal Measures and Absorbing Sets for Markov Chains
Pei-de Chen and R. L. Tweedie
Colorado State University

Limiting Behavior of a Matching Test For Two Samples
M. M. Siddiqui, Colorado State University
Ülkü Gürler, Bilkent University, Turkey

Saddlepoint approximations for P-values of some tests of covariance matrices
James G. Booth, University of Florida
Ronald W. Butler, Colorado State University
Andrew T.A. Wood, Australian National University
S. Huzurbazar, University of Georgia

Bayesian Logistic Regression and Design Considerations in MAC Experiments
Laura M. Smeaton, Colorado State University

Exact Exponential Convergence Rates for Stochastically Ordered Markov Processes
Robert B. Lund, University of Georgia
Sean P. Meyn, The University of Illinois
Richard L. Tweedie, Colorado State University
(See Revised Technical Report # 95/25)

Bayesian meta-analysis, with application to studies of ETS and lung cancer
Tweedie RL, Scott DJ, Biggerstaff BJ and Mengersen KL
Colorado State University and Queensland University of Technology

Stochastic Net Models for Survival Analysis
Ronald Butler, Colorado State University
Aparna V. Huzurbazar, University of Florida

Bayesian Model Averaging for Linear Regression Models
Adrian E. Raftery, David Madigan, and Jennifer A. Hoeting
University of Washington and Colorado State University

Incorporating sensitivity to estimates of heterogeneity in the random effects model in meta-analysis
B.J. Biggerstaff, Colorado State University
R.L. Tweedie, Colorado State University

A Method for Simultaneous Variable Selection and Outlier Identification in Linear Regression
Jennifer Hoeting, Colorado State University
Adrian E. Raftery, University of Washington
David Madigan, University of Washington

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