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2000 Tech Reports
Boosted Saddlepoint Approximation
R.W.Butler, R. K. Sutton, J.G. Booth, P.A. Ohman
Colorado State University,University of Michigan, University of Florida and University of Florida
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Image Analysis of Insulation Mineral Fibres
H. Talbot, T.C.M. Lee, D. Jeulin, D. Hanton, L.W. Hobbs
CSIRO Mathematical and Information Sciences, Colorado State University, Centre de Morphologie Mathematique, Centre de Recherches Industrielles de Rantigny, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
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Supra-Bayesian Pooling of Priors Linked by a Deterministic Simulation Model
P. J. Roback and G. H. Givens
Bucknell University and Colorado State University
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A Stabilized Bandwidth Selection Method for Kernel Smoothing of Periodogram
T. C. M. Lee
Colorado State University
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Saddlepoint Approximation and Bootstrap Inference for the Satterthwaite  Class of Ratios
R. W. Butler and M. S. Paolella
Colorado State University and Kiel University
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Problematic Likelihood Functions from Sensible Population Dynamics Models: A Case Study
Geof H. Givens and David Poole
Colorado State University and AT&T Labs-Research
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Power Calculations in Multivariate Analysis
Ronald. W. Butler and Andrew T.A. Wood
Colorado State University and University of Nottingham
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An Introduction to Coding Theory and the Two-Part Minimum Description Length Principle
Thomas C.M. Lee
Colorado State University
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On Algorithms for Ordinary Least Squares Regression Spline Fitting
Thomas C.M. Lee
Colorado State University
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