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87-22 On the inadequacy of the customary orthogonal arrays in quality control and general scientific experimentation, and the need of probing designs of higher revealing power
J.N. Srivastava Supported by AFOSR grant #830080

88-1 Distribution of indefinite quadratic forms in Gaussian process
Ahamad A. El-Qasem Ph.D. Dissertation

88-2 A cusum scheme for the control of process variance
Douglas K. Howell M.S. Thesis

88-3 Minimum cost inspection intervals for a two-state process
Dominic F. Vecchia Hari K. Iyer For submission to a technical journal

88-4 A comparison of particle size models using the method of D.R. Cox
Mark Felthauser M.S Thesis

88-5 Confidence intervals for proportion of total variation due to error in unbalanced two-way components of variance models
Syamala Srinivasan Franklin A. Graybill For submission to a technical journal

88-6 Estimating mule deer density by combining mark-recapture and telemetry data
Ronald C. Kufeld David C. Bowden Donald L. Schruf Journal of Mammalogy

88-7 Evaluation of a telemetry system for measuring habitat usage in mountainous terrain
Ronald C. Kufeld David C. Bowden John M. Siperek, Jr. For submission to a technical journal

88-8 Individual testing of independent items in optimal group testing
Yi-Ching Yao F.K. Hwang Probability in Engineering and Informational Sciences

88-9 Estimating the number of change-points via Schwarz' criterion
Yi-Ching Yao Statistics and Probability Letters

88-10 On optimal consecutive-K-out-of-N: F systems subject to a fixed product of failure probabilities
Yi-Ching Yao For submission to a technical journal

88-11 An improvement over the information lower bound in binomial group testing
Yi-Ching Yao For submission to a technical journal

88-12 Optimally stopping the sample mean of a wiener process with an unknown drift
Yi-Ching Yao Supported by the NSF Grant No. DMS- 8701201

88-13 Sequential tests for the drift of a wiener process with a smooth prior, and the heat equation
Gordon Simons Yi-Ching Yao Xizhi Wu Supported by the NSF grand DMS-8701201 and AFOSR Grant F49620 85C 0144

88-14 Multiple comparison procedures for unequally replicated treatments: Homogeneous variance case
Morsy Aly Fawzy Morsy M.S. Thesis

88-15 Confidence intervals on ratios of variance components in the three stage nested unbalanced model
Bhabesh Sen Ph.D. Dissertation

88-16 Missing values in time series analysis
Sally J. Wampler M.S. Thesis

88-17 Contributions to search designs
Sanjay Arora Ph.D. Dissertation

88-18 Multivariate records and limit sets of scaled random samples
Keizo Kinoshita Ph.D. Dissertation

88-19 The incorporation of historical data into flood quantile estimation under a wiebull model
Jungfang Li

88-20 Some methods for selection of predictors
Robert A. Ahlbrandt Ph.D. Dissertation

89-1 Statistical analysis of historic water quality data from the middle Delaware scenic and recreational river
F. Jay Breidt, Duane C. Boes

89-2 Cognitive modeling with Bayesian belief networks
Timothy C. Haas Ph.D. Dissertation

89-3 Optimal measurement designs when errors are correlated
Charles H. Taylor Ph.D. Dissertation

89-4 Permutation tests for equality of linear models
Dominic F. Vecchia Ph.D. Dissertation

90-1 A multivariate permutation test of autocorrelation
Marti McCracken M.S. Thesis

90-2 Investigation on some estimators and strategies in sampling, proposed by Srivastava
Zhao Oyang Ph.D. Dissertation

90-3 Descriptive statistics and graphical displays
James B. Whitmore M.S. Thesis

90-4 Studies on a general distribution, and censoring procedure in life testing
Ahmad Khodadadi Ph.D. Dissertation

91-1 Investigation on Balanced Arrays
Maria M. Salgado M.S. Thesis

91-2 Permutation Tests for Association
Gnter F. H„rtel M.S. Thesis

91-3 Bootstrap Confidence Intervals for Mean Concentrations of Transformed Data With Detection Limits
ZhiYong Zhu

91-4 A Fully Automatic Bandwidth Selector For Kernel Density Estimate
Shean-Tsong Chiu Technical Report

91-5 Predicting National Football League Games Using Restricted Maximum Likehood and The Kalman Filter
Jeffrey C. Wayman Technical Report

91-6 Flood Frequency Analysis For A Bivariate Lognormal Distribution Using Historical Information
Chi-Mei Wang M.S. Project

91-7 Course Outline and Teaching Notes For Introductory Statistical Methods
Ruth Ellen Mitchell M.S. Thesis

91-8 A Compartmental Model For A Simulated Eddy
Julia B. Watson M.S. Thesis

91-9 Sequential And Optimal Single State Factorial Designs, With Industrial Applications
Junfang Li Ph.D. Thesis

91-10 Application of Statistics In Injection Modling Processes
Mazhar Shah M.S. Thesis

91-11 A Simulation Study of Selecting The Shrinkage Parameter For The Ridge
Regression Yong-Cheng Wang Technical Report

91-12 On The Multivariate Extremal Index
S. Nandagopalan Technical Report

91-13 A Study of Road Race Performances By Age
Mathew Strand Technical Report

91-14 Model Selection and Missing Value Estimation in Time Series Analysis
Changhua Chen Technical Report

92-1 Multivariate Extension of Parzen's Forcasting Technique
Veng Va Lam Technical Report

92-2 Some Results Regarding Non-Nearest Neighbor Probabilities
Michael J. Fiola Technical Report

92-3 Confidence Intervals for RAtions of Linear Combinations of Variances in the Components-of-Variance Model
Rongde Gui Technical Report

92-4 Saddlepoint Approximations in Multivariate Analysis
Snehalata Huzurbazar Technical Report

92-5 Moments of Several Classes of Linear Permutation Statistics and Efficient Computing Forms
James B. Whitmore Technical Report

92-6 Determination of Dispersion Patterns in Spatial Point Processes
Jana C. Anderson Technical Report

92-7 Estimation For Nearest 1-Neighbor Processes
Rafe M. J. Donahue Technical Report

92-8 Approximate Confidence Intervals for Fixed Effects in Mixed Linear Models
Michael C. Mosier Technical Report

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