Mevin B. Hooten (google scholar)
Colorado State University
ASA Fellow

Office Location: 201 Wagar
Office Phone: 970.491.1415
Fax: 970.491.1413
Email: Mevin.Hooten "at" colostate.edu

Upcoming in 2020:
  • New paper on identifying central places using telemetry data in Ecosphere:

    Brost, B.M., M.B. Hooten, R.J. Small. (2020). Model-based clustering reveals patterns in central place use of a marine top predator. Ecosphere, 11: e03123. (pdf)

  • New paper on reconciling statistical and mathematical models for movement in Spatial Statistics:

    Hooten, M.B., X. Lu, M.J. Garlick, and J.A. Powell. (2020). Animal movement models with mechanistic selection functions. Spatial Statistics, 37: 100406. (pdf)

  • Nonlinear spatio-temporal dynamics paper in Environmetrics:

    Lu, X., P.J. Williams, M.B. Hooten, J.A. Powell, J.N. Womble, and M.R. Bower. (2020). Nonlinear reaction-diffusion process models improve inference for population dynamics. Environmetrics, 31: e2604. (pdf)

  • New paper on Bayesian computing in The American Statistician:

    Hooten, M.B., D.S. Johnson, and B.M. Brost. (In Press). Making recursive Bayesian inference accessible. The American Statistician.

  • Presented R Workshop for Spatial Data and Statistics at Colorado State University on January 17, 2020.

Highlights from 2019:
  • Polar Bear Phenology Paper appears in Biometrics:

    Scharf, H.R., M.B. Hooten, R.R. Wilson, G.M. Durner, and T.C. Atwood. (2019). Accounting for phenology in the analysis of animal movement. Biometrics, 75: 810-820. (pdf)

  • Former PhD Student receives ISBA Savage Award:

    Dr. Henry Scharf was presented with the Savage Award at the Joint Statistical Meetings on July 30, 2019 for outstanding doctoral dissertation in Bayesian statistics. For details see: https://bayesian.org/project/savage-award/.

  • Landscape Genetics Paper in Ecological Monographs:

    Peterson, E.E., E.M. Hanks, M.B. Hooten, J.M. Ver Hoef, and M.-J. Fortin. (2019). Spatially structured statistical network models for landscape genetics. Ecological Monographs, 89: e01355. (pdf)

  • New Book on Bayesian Computing:

    Hooten, M.B. and T.J. Hefley. (2019). Bringing Bayesian Models to Life. Chapman & Hall/CRC.