Hoeting Research Group


Current students

  1. Faustina France-Nkansah, PhD candidate


Former Students and Associates


Postdocs and

Research Scientists

Current position

Andrew Merton, 2007-2009

Advanced Energy

Formerly: Spirae, Renewable & Distributed Energy Strategy Co., Fort Collins

Man Sik Park, 2006

Department of Statistics , Sungshin Women's University, Korea


PhD students

Current position

1.   Molly Leecaster, 1999

University of Utah, School of Medicine, Research Assistant Professor

2.   Sandy Thompson, 2000

Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, U. S. Department of Energy

3.   Devin Johnson, 2003

National Marine Mammal Laboratory, Alaska Fisheries Science Center, NOAA

4.   Andrew Merton, 2006

Advanced Energy

5.   Megan Daily Higgs, 2007

Neptune and Company (Statistical Consulting)

Montana State University, Associate Professor, Mathematical Sciences Dept.

6.   Alisa Wade Wilcox, 2009

Montana State University, Faculty Affiliate, Dept of Geosciences

7.   Amber Hackstadt, 2011

Vanderbilt University, Research Assistant Professor

Formerly: Postdoc, Johns Hopkins

8.   Erin Schliep, 2013

Assistant Professor, Department of Statistics, University of Missouri

Formerly: Postdoc, Duke University

9.   Libo Sun, 2015

Johnson & Johnson, Biostatistician

10. Lulu Wang, 2016

Biostatistician, Gilead Sciences

11. Zach Weller, 2017

Assistant Professor, Department of Statistics, Colorado State University

12. Josh Hewitt, 2019

Postdoc, Duke University, Postdoc, Duke University


MS Students

Current position

1. Kristina Varga, 1997

Owens Corning

2. Greg Young, 2000

Center for Biostatistics, Ohio State University

3. Devin Johnson, 2000

National Marine Mammal Laboratory, Alaska Fisheries Science Center, NOAA

4. Melea Brown, 2002

Cedar Creek Puppies

5. Andrew Leach, 2003

Small business owner, Clay Pot Creative

6. Brett Kellum, 2003

Audit Senior at the University of Colorado

7. Julia Smith, 2006

Southcentral Foundation, a health care organization, Anchorage, Alaska

8. Maggie Stanislawski, 2007

Statistician at Department of Veterans Affairs

9. Stephanie Fitchett, 2007

Neptune (statistical consulting company). Formerly: Sandia Labs

10. Doug Gorman, 2008


11. Laura Beri, 2008

Walt Disney World (works as a statistician!)

12. Brett McClintock, 2008

National Marine Mammal Laboratory, Alaska Fisheries Science Center, NOAA

13. Alexander Chen, 2009


14. Nathanial Burch, 2009

SAMSI Post doc, next:  Gonzaga University, Assistant Professor

15. Megan Baburek, 2009

US Department of Treasury

16. Eugene Davis, 2009


17. Erin Schliep, 2009

PhD at CSU. Currently Assistant Professor, U. of Missouri

18. Benjamin J. Bird, 2010

U. S. Forest Service Rocky Mountain Research Station

19. Lenae Anderson, 2012

SpareFoot. Formerly, HCMS Group

20. Michael Buhnerkempe, 2012

Research Assistant Professor, Southern Illinois University School of Medicine

21. Lulu Wang, 2012

PhD at CSU, currently Biostatistician, Gilead Sciences

22. Clint Leach, 2018

PhD student at CSU, Ecology (GDPE)



Undergraduate Statistics Majors

This is just a small subset

of my former undergraduate

advisees who majored in

Statistics in our department.

Former students if you email

me Id love to add you to my list.

Current position

1.   Trevor Patch, 2013

Manager, Baseball Research and Development, Colorado Rockies

2.   Honglin Hu, 2013

Walmart. Formerly: University of Washington, Department of Statistics, graduate program

3.   Yao Li, 2012

Crowdstar. MS in Statistics from Colorado State University

4.   Yue Yang, 2012

Oracle, Software Engineer (after receiving an MS from Yale)

5.   Adam LeFevre, 2012

SQL database administrator, revgen partners

6. Kelly DAniell, 2009

Formerly: Denver Teacher Residency 

7.   Nick Cummings, 2008 (2nd Bachelors)

Assistant Director for Information Resources and Systems, Office of Equal Opportunity, CSU

8.   Bailey (Draper) Fosdick, 2008

Assistant Professor, Department of Statistics, Colorado State University

9.   Megan Baburek. 2007

US Department of Treasury (MS in Statistics from CSU in 2009)



Former Students: Id love to hear updates on your latest successes!


Last update: 5/21/2020