NOTE:  I no longer actively maintain this site as I am no longer the undergraduate advisor.  As a result, some of the links might require further sleuthing.

Summer programs, graduate school, and other job opportunities in Statistics

The CSU Statistics Department has sent a growing number of undergraduate and graduate students to summer programs like those listed below. The students who participate have all returned very happy with their experience and most have gone on to very good graduate schools with full funding for school. There are also some great opportunities for graduates students.  The opportunities are often paid and can often include free college credit which can be transferred to CSU (for the undergraduate students).

*  Pathways to Science:  see the undergrad link for information on internships and summer programs.  The graduate student link has information on funding for graduate students. 

*  National Science Founation REU:  Undergraduate Research Opportunities in Mathematics and Statistics. Paid summer programs for people who may be interested in attending graduate school.

*  American Statistical Association Internship Listing

*  Summer Institutes for Training in Biostatistics (SIBS): The program also includes free college credit which counts towards your degree at CSU. I highly recommend these programs. A CSU student doing a math major - stats concentration went to this program and got a lot out of it, including a job offer and an offer to pay her tuition for graduate school.

*  Computational Biology and Biostatistics Summer Research Program (CBB):  This program also comes highly recommended by a former participant.  You can either participate in CBB the summer after doing SIBS (see above) or as a stand-alone program.  Participants receive a generous stipend for participating plus your travel expenses are covered. 

*  Environmental Internships in Oregon:  Ecoinformatics Summer Institute

*  Summer math institute at Cornell University

*  NIST Boulder Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowships for undergraduates majoring in the quantitative sciences and engineering

*  Sandia National Laboratories: Summer Institute, Internships, fellowships and post-docs

*  CSU Statistics Department's Career Page

*  U. of Washington listing of internships and other opportunities

*  Fellowships for undergraduates and graduate students (includes both summer programs and funding for graduate school)

* National Science Foundation - East Asia and Pacific Summer Institutes

* National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship Program (

* Department of Homeland Security Fellowship Opportunities

* Department of Defense National Defense Science and Engineering Graduate Fellowship

* National Institutes of Health—Ruth L. Kirschstein National Research Service Awards for Individual Predoctoral Fellows

Graduate School Information

*  CSU's Department of Statistics has active graduate programs at both the MS and PhD levels. We offer assistantships to qualified applicants that cover tuition and include a monthly stipend to cover living expenses. See this link for more information.

*  Are you thinking about graduate school? There are some great opportunities through the National Science Foundation where students get their school paid for, a $30,000 annual stipend, and other perks just to go to graduate school! See the NSF Graduate Research Fellowship Program.   Students who are already in graduate school can also apply.  These are great fellowships!  Apply now!  Get help from your professors!

*  Pathways to Science:  The graduate student link has information on funding for graduate students.  Other links have funding opportunities for graduate students.  For example see the NASA link. 

* One of many rankings of graduate programs in statistics and biostatistics. Note: since this site combines rankings for statistics and biostatistics programs, it can be a little misleading if you are only interested in one or the other.

For All Students

*  American Statistical Association web site geared towards students

*  NASA: internships, fellowships, scholarships