Jennifer A. Hoeting

Professor of Statistics

Department of Statistics

Colorado State University

Fort Collins, CO 80523-1877


Some recent talks


       Combining Mathematical and Statistical Models: a Disease Ecology Perspective (pdf of talk)

       Conference: International Statistical Ecology Conference (ISEC18)

       July 2018, St Andrews, Scotland

       Video of talk


       How to Get to Graduate School in Statistics (pdf of talk)

       2010-2018 Colorado State University

       2018 Carleton College

       2018 Electronic Undergraduate Statistics Research Conference (video of talk)


       Statistical Parameter Estimation and Inference for Dynamical Models (Minitutorial, pdf of talk)

       Conference: Uncertainty Quantification (UQ18)

       Sponsor: Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics,

       April 2018, Orange County, California

       Slides and video of talk (2 hours)


       Statistical Challenges in Disease Ecology (pdf of talk)

       For undergraduate mathematics and statistics students

       February 2018, Carleton College, Minnesota