Brief biographic descriptions of the STARMAP senior personnel and their roles appear below.  By "clicking" on their name, a longer biography appears.  From there you can tranfer to their home pages at their respective institutions.
Scott Urquhart , Program Director and Co-Principal Investigator of the EPA Cooperative agreement, has functioned as an academic statistician, consulting on a wide variety of problems, mainly in the biological sciences, for more than 35 years. He has worked with EPA's Environmental Monitoring and Assessment Program (EMAP) for the past 10 years.

Jay Breidt was a faculty member in statistics and collaborated with the Natural Resources Inventory at Iowa State University until his recent move to CSU. He contributes to this Program's work mainly in small area estimation.

Richard Davis , Co-Principal Investigator of the Cooperative Agreement, has been with CSU's statistics department since 198l, working on a variety of problems with time-series and spatial aspects. He contributes to the Program the area of spatial modeling.

Jennifer Hoeting has been affiliated with statistics at CSU since 1994 and has worked on a variety of environmental problems. She contributes to the Program's work on combining environmental data sets, contributing especially in the area of Bayesian methods and spatial modeling.

Hari Iyer has been with CSU's statistics department since 1980 , working on a variety of problems, several with major environmental dimensions, including co-teaching a course on environmental statistics with Jim Loftis of CSU's bioresources engineering. He participates in the modeling and outreach aspects of this Program.

Robin Reich has applied spatial statistics to a wide variety of natural resource problems, especially in forestry since he came to CSU in 1985.  He adds a wide range of experience to the Program in the area of spatial modleing of natural resources, including aquatic systems. 

Don Stevens has worked on a wide variety of EPA projects, and especially with EMAP since 1990.  He brings to the Program extensive experience on design-based estimation associated with the sampling of aquatic resources, as well as experience in spatial modeling.  He also serves as the director of the companion Program at Oregon State University.

DaveTheobald has been with CSU's Natural Resources Ecology Laboratory since 1995, working on a variety of projects in landscape ecology. He provides the Program's main landscape ecology input and manage its efforts in geographic information systems, a major data source for other aspects of the Program.



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