R Package: PARSE
  • Author: L. Wang, W. Zhou, and J. Hoeting
  • Maintainer : L. Wang
  • Reference: L. Wang, W. Zhou and J. Hoeting (2017). Identification of pairwise informative features for cluster analysis, preprint
  • Download link : CRAN, Github

R Package: HDtest
  • Author: M. Cao, T. He, and W. Zhou
  • Maintainer : M. Cao
  • Reference:
    • J. Chang, W. Zhou, L. Wang, and W.-X. Zhou (2017). Comparing large covariance matrices under weak conditions on the dependence structure and its application to gene clustering, Biometrics 2017, 73(1), 31-41. (website, pdf)
    • J. Chang, C. Zheng, W.-X. Zhou, and W. Zhou (2017). Simulation-based hypothesis testing of high dimensional means under covariance heterogeneity, Biometrics 2017, 73(4), 1300-1310. (website, pdf)
    • J. Chang, Q. Yao, and W. Zhou (2017). Testing for high-dimensional white noise using maximum cross correlations, Biometrika 2017, 104(1), 111-127. (website, pdf)
  • Download link : CRAN, Github (updated 08/22/2018)

R Package: MAPTest
  • Author: M. Cao and W. Zhou
  • Maintainer : M. Cao
  • Reference: M. Cao, W. Zhou, F.J. Breidt, and G. Peers (2019). Large scale maximum average power multiple inference on time-course count data with application to RNA-seq analysis, Biometrics 2019, DOI: 10.1111/biom.13144 (website, pdf)
  • Download link : Github

R Package: FILTER
  • Author: Y. Lin, W. Zhou, and J. Yin
  • Maintainer : Y, Lin
  • Reference: Y. Lin, Z. Geng, G. Xiao, W. Zhou, J. Yin (2019). Fusion penalized logistic threshold regression model: estimation and prediction, preprint
  • Download link : Github