this is me...i just do what comes naturally


moi je m'appelle charlie vollmer et je suis de minnesota.

i really enjoy learning new things and live like the times when "the hair was long and the shorts were short"

in secret i like pure mathematics...especially probability.

i act my shoe size... not my age (tip my hat to mpls)

i'm kind of obsessed with children.

i believe computers == cool && nature > cool.

i want to learn how to sail; i already have routes picked out.

i am constantly pondering the relationship of ''simplicity vs complexity.''

i find it interesting that my father's generation said "what's up".

i want to stay in academia, but if you are intelligent and motivated and willing to learn iOS/javascript programming, i am always looking for someone to work on meaningful projects.

i believe facebook has the power to do to you as television once did.

my favorite word in english: anosognosia

colorado or california? chile

This is how I feel about Artificial Intelligence.


This is my "intellectual" property.

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