The care and feeding of the Atari 2600/7800 FAQ has been left in the hands of the AtariAge people. It has also been split into two FAQs, one for the 2600 and one for the 7800.

If you want to know the reasons behind the transfer of the FAQ to the AtariAge people, see this note.

A big thanks to Karl Heller, who let me scribble on his work without a peep, and to everyone who contributed to the FAQ. Of all the console FAQs, I think it is possibly the best of the bunch; the constant stream of improvements and suggestions from the contributors is the reason.

In a not-so-surprising turn of events, my name, Karl's name and the long list of everyone who contributed to the FAQ has been removed from it. Seeing it now, you might think that the Atari Age people wrote it from scratch. Interesting world, this.

The new address for the 2600 FAQ is

The new address for the 7800 FAQ is

Click on either link or wait a few seconds to go to the 2600 FAQ.


The things that we see
And the lights they reflect
Exist in our minds
As one and the same.

Yet a difference much harder
Still to detect
Is whether we're playing
Or part of the game.

-- Joystik magazine, April 1983, unattributed