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2003 - 2006

Symposium on Applied Probability and 
Time Series
in honour of Peter J. Brockwell
(June 14-15)
Symposium Abstracts

Keynote Speakers 

Warren Ewens (Pennsylvania)
Thomas Mikosch (Copenhagen)
Sid Resnick (Cornell)

Banquet Speaker: Chris Heyde (Columbia)

Invited Speakers
Beth Andrews (Northwestern)
Anthony Brockwell (Carnegie-Mellon)
Bruce Brown (Singapore)
Ngai Hang Chan (Chinese U of Hong Kong)
KS Chan (Iowa)
Daren Cline (Texas A&M)
Dennis Cox (Rice)
Rainer Dahlhaus (Heidelberg)
William Dunsmuir (New South Wales)
Claudia Klüppelberg (Munich U of Technology)
Piotr Kokoszka (Utah State)
Alex Lindner (Philipps-Universität Marburg)
Tony Pakes (Western Australia)
Mohsen Pourahmadi (Northern Illinois)
Murray Rosenblatt (UC-San Diego)
David Stoffer (Pittsburgh)
Osnat Stramer (Iowa)
Howell Tong (London School of Economics)
Ruey Tsay (Chicago)
Qiwei Yao (London School of Economics)

Program Committee:  

Duane C. Boes, Honorary Chair (Colorado State)
F. Jay Breidt (Colorado State)
Richard A. Davis (Colorado State)
Hari Iyer  (Colorado State)


Graybill Conference VI
June 12-15, 2007
Colorado State University
Hilton Fort Collins

Fort Collins, CO 80526

Graybill Conference Poster
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