Jennifer A. Hoeting

Professor of Statistics

Department of Statistics

Colorado State University

Fort Collins, CO 80523-1877



jah at





Bayesian statistics

Model selection and model uncertainty

Spatial statistics

Statistical methodology for ecological and environmental problems



Book: Computational Statistics by G. Givens and J. Hoeting (2nd edition now available!)

New journal: Advances in Statistical Climatology, Meteorology and Oceanography (ASCMO)

Curriculum Vitae

Current and former students

Papers: Google citations list and more recent papers in arXiv

Software and Data

Research, Grant, and related web pages

NSF Bayesian Models for Disease Dynamics

NSF STATMOS: Statistical Methods for Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences

USDA Center for Epidemiology and Animal Health

Human Rights Data Analysis Group

Platte River Recovery Implementation Program



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