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One-day Short-Course

Information Theory and Statistics 

Instructors: Mark Hansen (UCLA) and Bin Yu (UC Berkeley) 
June 1, 2005 
Clark Building A202
Colorado State University, Fort Collins, CO 80523 
Registration/Check-in 8:30-9:00am
Juice, fruit & bagels will be available during registration.
(Weber 206 is a computer laboratory to be used following presentations made in the Clark Building)

Information Theory deals with a basic challenge in communication: How do we transmit information efficiently? In addressing that issue, Information Theorists have created a rich mathematical framework to describe communication processes with tools to characterize so-called fundamental limits of data compression and transmission. 

What might Statisticians learn from Information Theory? Basic concepts like entropy and Kullback-Leibler divergence have certainly played a role in statistics. But so too have estimation frameworks like the Maximum Entropy principle; novel decompositions like ICA; and even model selection methodologies like AIC and the Principle of Minimum Description Length. In this course we will illustrate how the basic questions and tools of Information Theory relate to statistical practice and theory.

Short Course: Information Theory & Statistics
Bin Yu & Mark Hansen
June 1, 2005
Colorado State University Campus
Fort Collins, CO 80523

Graybill Conference
June 2-3, 2005
Hilton Fort Collins

(Formerly: University Park Holiday- Inn)
Fort Collins, CO 80526
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