Graybill Conference 2005


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Statistics in Information Technology

Co-sponsor: American Statistical Association

The conference, June 2-3, will be hosted by the Department of Statistics, Colorado State University at the Hilton Fort Collins (formerly known as University Park Holiday-Inn). This will provide an opportunity to bring together leading researchers in the fields of Statistics and Information Technology (Data mining, Machine learning, Information theory, Classification, Vision and Imaging, Sensor networks, etc) and young investigators and graduate students interested in this area.

There will be a one-day short course, Information Theory and Statistics, preceding the conference on Wednesday, June 1, in the Clark Building A202 on the Colorado State University Campus.  Registration/check-in is in the Clark Building between 8:30 and 9:00am on June 1st.  The short course will be conducted by Bin Yu (UC Berkeley) and Mark Hansen (UCLA).  The computer laboratory in Weber 202 will be used following presentations made in the Clark Building

 Contributed Poster Papers may be submitted to Thomas Lee (tlee at stat dot stat dot colostate dot edu). The deadline is April 1, 2005. Early submissions encouraged. Limited funding is available for providing partial support for poster presenters.

Program Committee:  

Bin Yu, chair (UC Berkeley) email: BinYu at Stat dot Berkeley dot Edu

Thomas Lee, co-chair (Colorado State) email: TLee at Stat dot ColoState dot Edu

Mark Hansen (UCLA) 

Hari Iyer (Colorado State) email: Hari at Stat dot ColoState dot Edu

Local Organizer: Jim zumBrunnen email: zumBrunnen at Stat at ColoState dot Edu

Short Course: Information Theory & Statistics
Bin Yu & Mark Hansen
June 1, 2005
Colorado State University Campus
Fort Collins, CO 80523

Graybill Conference
June 2-3, 2005
Hilton Fort Collins

(Formerly: University Park Holiday- Inn)
Fort Collins, CO 80526
Graybill Conference Poster

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