Current Graduate Advisees

  • Liu, Jialuo, Ph.D. Candidate, 2015-present
  • Zhang, Lyuou, Ph.D. Candidate (joint with Zhou, W.), 2015-present
  • McAndrew, Robert, Ph.D. Candidate (joint with Kokoszka, P.), 2016-present
  • Chi, Jiarui, Ph.D. Candidate (joint with Estep, D.), 2017-present

Completed PhD Students

  • Cao, Xiaofan (Martha). Model Selection Based On Expected Squared Hellinger Distance. Fall 2007, joint with Iyer, H.
  • Sonderegger, Derek. Nonparametric Function Smoothing: Fiducial Inference Of Free Knot Splines And Ecological Applications. Spring 2010, joint with Hannig, J.
  • Chu, Tingjin. Parametric And Semiparametric Model Estimation And Selection In Geostatistics. Summer 2012, joint with Zhu, J.
  • Wang, Yuan. Linear System Design For Compression And Fusion. Fall 2013, joint with Scharf, L.
  • Sienkiewicz, Ela. Analysis of Structured Data and Big Data with Application to Neuroscience. Summer 2015.
  • Tu, Yan (Catherine). A Penalized Estimation Procedure For Varying Coefficient Models. Fall, 2015.
  • Tan, Hongyu (Mike). Modulated Renewal Process Models With Functional Predictors For Neural Connectivities. Fall 2015, joint with Chapman, P.
  • Kim, Sooyoung. Improved Inference In Heteroskedastic Regression Models With Monotone Variance Function Estimation. Fall 2018, joint with Meyer, M.

Completed MS Students

  • Huang, Yao. Using measurement error model to assess the effects of metal pollution to species in Arkansas river. Spring 2008.
  • Li, Wentao. Spring 2008.
  • Mendonca, Sybil. eBay as the "Terminator'': Feedback Ratings and Culture. Fall 2008, with Hayne, S.
  • Chu, Tingjin. Penalized Maximum Likelihood Estimation and Variable Selection in Spatial Linear Regression. Spring 2010, joint with Zhu, J.
  • Bugbee, Bruce Daniel. Bidder Behaviours on eBay: Collectibles and Commodities. Spring 2010, joint with Hayne, S.
  • Tu, Yan. Dynamical Multi-Input, Single-Output Model Neural Spike Transformation. Spring 2010.
  • Wang, Yuan. Regression Model with Tree Structured Response. Spring 2010.
  • Wang, Lu. A Classification Analysis Of Seller's Behavior On eBay. Spring 2012, joint with Hayne, S.
  • Sienkiewicz, Ela. Fall 2012.
  • Tredoux, Gavan. Predicting Student Loan Outcomes using Penalized Regression. Fall 2013.
  • Prytherch, Ben. Investigating NIH Funding Levels for Interdisciplinary Research Relative to Non-Interdisciplinary Research Using Quantile Regression Modeling. Fall 2013, joint with Hayne, S.
  • Ellison, Greg. Text Analysis of eBay Reviews. Fall 2014, joint with Homrighausen, D.
  • Kim, Sooyoung. Data Analysis of Egr-1 Data Using Zero-Inflated Models. Spring 2015, joint with Hoke, K.
  • Brown, Richard. A Study of Collaborative Funding from the National Institutes of Health From Social Network Perspectives. Summer 2015, joint with Hayne, S.




B.S., Nankai University, Tianjin, China

Ph.D., University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

Current Research Interests

Object Oriented Data Analysis

Spatial Statistics

Information Fusion

Statistical Analysis on Networks

Computational Neuroscience

Contact Information

216 Statistics Building
Department of Statistics
Colorado State University
Fort Collins, CO80523

Voice: 970-491-2449

Acknowlegement of Support

My research has been supported by NSF grants DMS-0706761, DMS-0854903, DMS-1106975, DMS-1521746, DMS-1737795 and DMS- 1923142 as well as grants with other collaborators.