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Poster Session and Student Competition

All registrants may participate in the Contributed Poster Session on Tuesday evening.

As part of the contributed poster session, we are holding a Student Poster Competition.  The competition is open to all currently registered students as well as those who completed a graduate degree no earlier than August 2013.  Proof of eligibility in the form of a statement from an advisor or department chair is required. To be considered for the student poster competition, you should submit an extended abstract (1-2 pages) by the deadline below. Up to 10 winning entries will be awarded up to $500. Winners will be announced at the banquet Tuesday evening.

The organizers also intend to provide a small travel stipend to all student poster presenters regardless of competition outcome. Please inquire with the conference organizers and provide a letter certifying your student status from your advisor or department chair.

The poster session will occur on the same evening as the banquet. Prior to this, a "poster introduction session" will allow interested poster presenters to preview their posters in a plenary session of the conference—this will consist of oral presentations by each poster presenter lasting a few minutes.  The goal of this session is to give conference attendees an overview of the work to be shown more fully in the posters. All poster presenters are eligible to participate in the oral presentations, but the organizing committee will prioritize students if the program schedule precludes accommodating all presenters.

If you wish to present a poster during the Graybill Conference, submit an abstract (not exceeding 400 words unless you are participating in the student competition)  to GraybillConference@stat.colostate.edu by July 18. Please also indicate whether you are interested in speaking during the poster introduction session.  The conference organizers reserve the right to reject entries if the topic is not suitable for the theme of the conference.

Poster stands will have 4' x 4' spaces for posters, which will be attached with T-pins. Poster setup may be done on Monday or Tuesday in Lory Student Center, Room 386. Posters should be removed following the banquet on Tuesday evening.