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Sunday, September 7

Monday, September 8

Tuesday, September 9

Wednesday, September 10

Graybill 2014 Sessions

Last updated September 4, 2014


Sunday September 7 Time Event Speaker Title
8:00 Registration    
9:00 Short Course - Room 382 Andrew Finley and Alan Gelfand Hierarchical Random Effects Models Using Markov Chain Monte Carlo
10:15 Break    
10:30 Short Course continued    
12:00 Lunch included with Short Course    
1:00 Short Course continued    
2:15 Break    
2:30-5:00 Short Course conclusion    
5:30 Registration    
6:00 Mixer - Room 386    
Monday September 8 Time Event Speaker Title
  8:00 Registration    
8:15 Welcome - North Ballroom    


Keynote Clark, Jim Forecasting the forest and the trees: climate interactions from individual to community
9:20 Invited Gelfand, Alan Stochastic Modeling for Climate Change Velocities
9:55 Break    


Invited Illian, Janine Flexible spatial models and their relevance in ecology
10:50 Invited Hoeting, Jennifer Nonparametric Convex Spatial Covariance Modeling
11:25 Invited Zimmerman, Dale Accounting for Flow Volume in the Estimation of Spatial Dependence on Stream Network
12:00 Lunch-on your own    


Keynote Borchers, David Survival models without mortality: casting closed-population wildlife survey models as survival or recurrent event models
2:20 Invited Royle, Andy Spatial Capture-Recapture Models Allowing Transience or Dispersal
2:55 Break    


Invited Dorazio, Bob Accounting for Imperfect Detection in Statistical Analysis of Presence-only Data
3:50 Invited Guillera-Arroita, Gurutzeta Accounting for detectability in species occupancy modeling is valuable
4:25 Invited Heaton, Matthew Spatial Modeling of Mountain Pine Beetle Damage
5:00 End of Monday sessions    
Tuesday September 9 Time Event Speaker Title
  8:00 Registration    


Keynote - North Ballroom Zhu, Jun Statistical Methods for Spatial Categorical Data Analysis in Ecology
9:20 Invited Langrock, Roland Nonparametric inference in ecological latent-state models
9:55 Break    


Invited Warton, David Valid community-level inferences from multivariate abundance data
10:50 Invited Givens, Geof Horvitz-Thompson abundance estimation adjusting for uncertain recapture, smoothed availability trends and interrupted effort, with application to a whale survey
11:25 Invited Madsen, Lisa Simulating Realistic Spatial Count Data
12:00 Lunch-on your own    


Keynote Chao, Anne Unifying species diversity, phylogenetic diversity, functional diversity and related similarity/differentiation measures through Hill numbers
2:20 Invited Morales, Juan Towards more realistic movement models: comparing simulated and observed movement
2:55 Break    


Invited Hooten, Mevin Linking long-distance animal movement behavior and landscapes using multiscale functional models
3:50 Invited Johnson, Devin Estimating animal resource selection from telemetry data using point process models
4:25 Speed Session: Poster Introductions Student Competion Poster Presenters Various
5:30 Poster Exhibit with presenters - Room 386 Poster Presenters Various
7:00 Banquet - Cherokee Park    
Wednesday September 10 Time Event Speaker Title
  8:00 Registration    


Keynote - North Ballroom Ver Hoef, Jay The Hidden Costs of Multimodel Inference



Invited Gitelman, Alix Model Selection for Ecosystem Disturbance Pathways
9:55 Break    


Invited Higgs, Megan Resource selection by scientists: navigating the model selection and multi-model landscape toward question-focused modeling
10:50 Invited Reich, Brian Policy optimization for dynamic spatiotemporal systems
11:25 Closing    
1:00 Rocky Mountain National Park (Registration required) Box lunch included Vans depart at 1:00 from west entrance of Hilton Hotel
2:30 Fort Collins Brewery Tour/Tasting (Registration required)   Transportation options: On your own, a van will depart from the Hilton Hotel at 2:15, or Transfort